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The Entryway Mat

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Nodi make natural handmade rugs, inspired by how people rest, connect and play. Our designs are woven with wool and jute - These fibres lend a warm materiality to interior spaces and are also favoured for their robust, hard wearing nature.

Our craftsmanship, all natural fibres and considered imperfect textures, work together to create a tactile rug that transforms and adds character to a space.

The rugs are lovingly made in certified GoodWeave® factories in India. The combination of the skilled artisans that weave them and our focus on developing unique textures and designs result in quality pieces made to last.

The natural Braided Jute entrance mats are the perfect finish to the entrance of your home, subtly textured and soft underfoot.

If placed in direct sunlight this rug will fade.  We advise keeping out of direct sunlight where possible, and rotating so fading happens evenly. In addition we suggest treating with Microseal to protect the fibres.

* Please note these are for inside the door, or if outside - under cover.


0.6 x 1m

For custom sizing, head to Bespoke and fill out the form for more information.


Steele and Natural

Disclaimer: Colour in image may vary slightly from woven rug in the flesh depending on computer screen. This rug will shed for the initial stage of its life, this is easy to vacum and will settle over time.


    Handmade from 100% Jute plant. Sustainably harvested, pesticide free yarn grown without the use of nasty chemicals.
    Being a handmade item there will be some variation in colour and size – these are not flaws but part of the nature of a handmade product. 5% colour and size variation is considered normal and acceptable.


    1-2 Weeks


    It’s normal for the rugs to shed a little in the beginning. This will settle with time.

    Natural rugs do not like sunbathing (and will fade if left in direct sunlight!) Rotate often.

    Vacuum with a motorised head (no brush) regularly.

    Spot or spill? Use Microseal Spot Cleaning Kit to clean me.

    Natural fibres do not respond well to chemicals.
    Follow our simple guide below to remove light stains. For stubborn stains, refer to a professional cleaner.
    Note - do not follow these steps if you have a bamboo silk rug or a rug with viscose content - contact a professional cleaner.
    For spills - Carefully remove as much of the spill as possible without rubbing the stain further into the pile. We suggest you use paper towels to absorb any liquid residue. Once you have absorbed the initial spill, then focus on absorbing as much of it out from the rug as possible. 
    Do this by taking a clean towel or absorbent fabric and cover the spill, add some form of weight (a heavy book does the trick) on top of the towel/fabric to help draw the liquid up from the rug. Leave it until the spill has been absorbed.
    If the spill has left a stain, we recommend spot cleaning with lukewarm water and a gentle Woolsafe soap (avoid harsh chemicals, as these can strip the dye and make the stain worse.) 
    Dilute the wool safe soap with lukewarm water in a bowl. Apply sparingly to the stain. Do not rub the stain, simply blot and place a thick towel on top to absorb the residue. Repeat this step by blotting with the wool/water mix and then absorbing with a towel until the stain is gone.
    Be sure to dry the rug properly after spot cleaning. Do this by either hanging outside if size allows. Alternatively place a towel under the rug where the stain was, and a towel on top of the rug where the stain was with a weight. The aim is to absorb as much liquid from the front and back of rug as possible.
    If the stain is stubborn and remains, we suggest you contact a professional cleaner