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The Pillow Inner

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These Pillow Inners are plump with white duck feathers contained within a cotton ‘feather guard’ – no more floating feathers when you fluff them up.

Made in collaboration with Belvedere, a family-run soft-furnishing maker in West Auckland, the duck-down filling is humanely harvested. Belvedere sources feathers and down from audited suppliers where the birds’ welfare is paramount – no live plucking or force feeding.

Proudly made locally, right here in New Zealand.


Standard Pillow Size
50cm x 75cm

For custom sizing, head to Bespoke and fill out the form for more information.




    Soft 90/10: The softer density DownUnder pillow filled with at least 90% natural white duck down.
    Medium 50/50: The medium density DownUnder pillow filled with at least 50% natural white duck down.
    Hard 15/85: The firmer density DownUnder pillow filled with at least 15% natural white duck down.


    2-3 Weeks


    1. Take the pillow out of the pillowcase and protector
    2. Add the pillow to the washer but do not use detergent
    3. Set the washer to ‘gentle cycle’ or ‘delicate.’
    4. Once complete, add to the dryer on a low heat
    5. Place a bath towel in the dryer
    6. Listen for the dry cycle to end
    7. Start a second dry cycle immediately
    8. Check to ensure the pillow is completely dry

    Change and wash pillowcases and pillow covers at least weekly.

    Keep feather pillows as dry as possible.

    Never sleep on a feather pillow with wet hair.

    To freshen feather pillows, place them in a tumble dryer on low heat or the air cycle for 10 minutes.